...a feeling of joy and connection. Of coming home and warmth...


"Through my art, it is my wish that you remember what you stand for, your values, how you want to feel, and what you are burning for.

My Art

I am self-taught artist, who paints florals, figure paintings and abstracts. I paint mostly with acrylics, oils and in digital form.

Through my art I want to show you the beauty of this world as I see it: With ease, abundance and a little magic. Maybe in your new Café, at home, in your cabin in the mountains or in your co-working space! 



It´s so nice that you are here, because I have so much inspiration, that I want to share with you.  
Kattybussepaintings fills me with joy. I hope you can also feel it, and that you can also find your own path to your creativity. Visit my blog for tips about personal growth, how to get inspiration, creativity and more.

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My Story

I am a dreamer, mom, wife and painter. Painting and creativity have changed my life. There are no limits, everything is possible, I feel free to be as I am, to dare to make mistakes and to rediscover the world of creativity again and again. I want to encourage you with my PASSION to make what keeps you alive and to believe in your DREAMS.



 Best of my100 days Project

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