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Art that reminds you of your essence, what fulfills you and inspires you.

My Art

paint florals, figure paintings and abstracts, mostly with acrylics, oils and in digital form.

Through my art I want to show you the beauty of this world as I see it: With ease, abundance and a little magic. Maybe in your new Café, at home, in your cabin in the mountains or in your co-working space! 

It´s so nice that you are here, because I have so much inspiration, that I want to share with you.  
Kattybussepaintings fills me with joy. I hope you can also feel it, and that you can also find your own path to your creativity. Visit my blog and come along with me for more inspiration and creativity.


© kattybussepaintings
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I am Katty

With my art I would like to convey the feeling of freedom, fulfillment, of coming home and lightness. 

Through my art I want to help you to cultivate what makes you happy in your everyday life.




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