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My name is Katherine, but my friends call me Katty.  I was born in Santiago de Chile. Now, I am living in Nuremberg, Germany since approximately 12 years ago. My mother tonge is Spanish, if you feel like communicating with me in Spanish or German , please I invite you to do it.  But I decided to write this Blog in English, so that my message and inspiration can reach as many people as possible.

I created this page to share my story and my passion for art. It all started about 5 years ago.  I was at a stage in my life where many new things started and others ended definitely. My wonderful son was born, and I am very proud and grateful that he is in my life, he is our greatest gift. On the other hand, I lost my job and began to question many things, including what motivates me and excites me. In that journey I found my passion for painting.

During my personal growth, my values that identify me as a person: Creativity,  freedom, family, respect, love, learning and healthy living, were gaining strength and gradually the meaning of my life was being clarified.

I want to thank my dear husband for his endless support, my family, Theresa

my best friends, my dear friend Naty, who have stayed by me through almost all my journey.

I see beauty through my paintings. I want to share it with you and maybe I can inspire you too :-)