That´s me!

My name is Katherine, but my friends call me Katty.  I was born in Santiago de Chile. When I finished my studies in Public Relations, I came to live to Germany because of love. 

As I was looking for a job, I had the opportunity to make first an internship and later I worked as an assistant in operational controlling in the renewable energy area, where I had the opportunity to support countries like Spain and Italy. In my work I could develop real friendships for which I am really grateful. We were from different parts of the world. Italy, Germany, Spain, Colombia and Chile. It was such a great time :-). But  before this happened, I needed to learn of course German. It was not an easy path, because when I came to live here I just knew a few words. Though, with a lot of commitment and because of my experience at work, my german was getting better every day. 

I live in Nuremberg for about 14 years now. My mother tonge is Spanish. If you feel like communicating with me in Spanish or German, please I invite you to do it, but I decided to write this blog in English, so that my message and inspiration can reach as many people as possible. 

My Why

I created this page to share my story and my passion for Art. It all started about 7 years ago.  I was at a stage in my life where many new things started and others ended definitely. My wonderful son was born, and I am very proud and grateful that he is in my life, he is our greatest gift. On the other hand, I lost my job when the renewable energy law began to have drastic changes. Finding a new job was not easy. I had a diploma in Public Relations, but no experience in this area. I began to question many things, including what motivates me and excites me. I started also to teach Spanish. In 2016 I made a training as a Social Media Manager.


One year later, in that journey, I found my passion for painting.

My blog (kattybussepaintings) was born also from the desire to write my adventure on this path and motivate at the same time women like me, through my passion, which I have found as I was trying new things. I want to help you to find what makes you alive.



I want to show you that there is a way to fulfill your dreams, from the moment you fight for the things that make you happy, unique and wonderful as you are and not for what you think is right to do.

​During my personal growth, my values that identify me as a person: Creativity,  freedom, family, respect, love, learning and healthy living, were gaining strength and gradually the meaning of my life was being clarified.

I want to thank my dear husband for his endless support, my family, Theresa Kellner

my best friends, my dear friend Nataly, who have stayed by me through almost all my journey.