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"Look inside you"

Acrylic/Oil Painting 60 x 80 cm

"The painting´s story"

The creation of this painting has a wonderful journey of discovery and experimentation behind it. When I decided on this motif, I knew that I wanted to achieve more depth. I was able to achieve this by bringing abstract, bright colors in combination with a darker contrast onto the canvas.


It should remind you of your essence. Whatever the outside world looks like, you can always come back to you and connect with yourself.

This painting reflects hope. It create a deep connection in harmony with nature. Because nature lets us come back to our strength again and again.

Be inspired by this painting. I very much hope that it will delight you with the same magic that it has delighted me.

Xoxo, Katty



Would you like to know more about it? That's great!

N6 FOR KATTY movable canvas Kopie.jpg
Nahaufnahme Kopf "Deep inside you"
MoMockups_61_3x4 Kopie.jpg
Abstrakt Hintergrund "Deep inside you"
© Copyright

"Art that reminds you of your essence, what fulfills you and inspires you"- Kattybussepaintings

About the Painting

Prise 375 Euro

 inclusive packaging and delivery

(for now only in Germany)

How big is the painting?


60 x 80 cm.

Is the painting frame included in the price?


No, but I'll be happy to help you find the right frame for your painting. Send me a message about this.


How does the shipment work?

Shipping is included in the price. Your painting will be packed very well so that it arrives safely to your place. If you live in Nuremberg, I'll be happy to bring it over personally.


Payment method

By invoice / transfer


After you have contacted me, I will contact you back and you will receive an invoice from me with my account details.


You would like to have the painting at home?. Great! Feel free to write me a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Comissioned Painting
Comissioned Painting


Do you want a special and unique gift for your love ones or do you want a portrait of yourself? No problem!

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