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The beginning of my artistic journey by following my intuition

Intuition. It all started with this word at the beginning of May of 2017. I was looking for something,  that defines me as a person, my identity and my values. When defining my values, the word Intuition was immediately part of them.

Following my curiosity, I started to read magazines, listening to podcasts, something that could give me an idea, a clue.

Well, the topic became very interesting to me over time. Until one day I discovered an artist while reading Happinez ,known as a mindstyle magazine in Germany, with the subject on the cover "Intuition". The artist´s name is Flora Bowley, a wonderful woman, wo teaches about, how to be closer to our intuition through painting, she calls it: "Intuitive Painting".

I was incredibly attracted to this idea, that anyone can create something beautiful, because everyone of us are unique in our own way. We do not need to be experts. Then, I went to the nearest bookstore to find her book, in which Flora explains her method. I wasn't very sure , if I could really learn by reading a book , but with other people together, live, somehow.

So I took the book back on the shelf again, not knowing what should I really do. A few days later, I took a look at her website. With surprise, I found out, that I could subscribe to one of her online courses. I thought, hmmm, maybe I could do this. And I waited, I waited for more sings. She did not get out of my mind.


While hearing the audiobook *Heirate dich Selbst by Veit Lindau, a German Author, who presented techniques to understand oneself and find out what we like the most. This words caught my attention: If you find something, which have a positive influence to you, act accordingly to your impulsefind the reasons why you want to do this, and act immediately.

What happened later? Out of the blue, was very clear in my head what I needed to do. I made the decision to do Flora´s online course in September, 2017. I tell you!!, it was like being in another dimension. I had never experienced anything like that. It was the first time, I felt in my own element. I began to experiment, so that I could find my own style. I painted everything I could paint, I tried different techniques and materials. Little by little, I was losing my fear of doing something wrong on my canvas. I felt more and more confident and creative. Until today.

I can´t just say enough, if you want to learn something. Let´s say painting, photography, writing, etc., try it! and try it again, even if your are still not very sure if you like it. If the process feels right to you, you will find out, what lights you up! I promise!

With love,


*It is not an advertisement



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