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My own passion. Discovering new paths and the things I wish I knew

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Since I was a child, I have never had a real passion for something until I discovered my passion for painting at the age of 37. It was a long journey of searching "The Right Thing to Do", with detours in all directions. However, I was interested in many things when I was at school: Visual arts, singing, dancing, aerobics, cheerleading (among others) without acrobatic, but dancing:-).

It was also easy to learn a foreign language, except for French, I don´t know why, somehow it was much difficult to pronounce and write.

Longing for something

As times went by after school, I was still longing for something. I didn't had a real passion. That made me feel so afraid of not being able to make the right choice to build my own future. As I mentioned before, I had a lot of interests, so I started to learn intensively a new language. I decided to make my "Mastery of Integral English" at Manpower, Santiago de Chile, where I was born. In that way began my journey. Later on and meanwhile I was working as an Executive Assistance and studying Public Relations at night, I was constantly searching for the meaning of the things, I was choosing to do. I was looking for the perfect Idea that suits to my personality and took me years to realize what I really wanted to do.

"If you can let go of passion and follow your curiosity just might lead you to your passion".- Elizabeth Gilbert

It was in Germany when I first heard about the fabulous Best - selling author Elizabeth Gilbert. This quote above took so much pressure off me, in the sense that it is fine, if I did not know what my passion was long time ago, that I can find it as I dare to try more things, being curious. It was nothing wrong with me.

There is also a wonderful book, "Big Magic", from *Elizabeth Gilbert, which really inspired me in my journey of discovering my passion. It opened my eyes to stand for what inspires me, most of all, learning to deal with fear, having it as a companion, when we are in the process of creating and also when we think at the same time, that we are not good enough to create something: For instance, writing a book, painting a portrait!, or whatever you want to create.

She says also Finding your true purpose is really about deciding which flavor of shit sandwich you're really in for to do". That it's so true. It means, that you are on the right path, if you are doing something that you like and you are willing to accept the challenges that come with that dream. It is definitely not easy but is totally worth it. Here you can watch her conversation with Marie Forleo.

My curiosity for personal growth and intuitive painting

My love for arts and painting was born through my curiosity for personal growth and intuitive painting. It gave me so many tools to find that true potential hidden inside me. I say literally hidden, because I was not aware of it. It began to develop, as my interest for creativity and visual arts was growing.

Things were changing positively

As I was painting intuitively, my style evolved. I began to paint with acrylics first. Then I discovered oils paints. Later on I discovered digital painting.

After painting a few times with acrylics, I refused at the beginning to paint with oil paints. I tried it a few times, and it was so overwhelming, because I did not know how to handle the material properly. I mean for a beginner :-) washing my brushes and having everything clean without leaving residues everywhere at home. Moreover, the painting process was even longer and difficult as usual.

One of my difficulties was to paint with different layers. At the end I had a mix of every color I used on my canvas. The chaos itself for me!

My interest for oil painting was, nevertheless still present, because I could see the amazing results of the artwork of other artists, feeling suddenly in love with the colors, brightness, structure and smoothness. So, I gave it a try again, but this time I signed up later on for an *online course to learn how to work with oils, and something beautiful happened! I discovered water soluble oil paints!. Everything changed for me. It was easier to work with them and I could also combine them with the normal ones.

Then, I discovered digital painting. I had this limiting believes, that I couldn´t paint on weekends, because I paint mostly in our dinning/living room and there was not a place where I could paint. But, surprisingly, my husband gave me for Christmas an iPad Pro, so that I can draw and paint more frequently whenever I want. Wow, it changed my life again. I felt in love with the things I can do in the digital world. My IPad gave me literally more freedom, the possibility to practice more without having to take all my paints in our dinning room :-).

The Magic of following my curiosity

The magic by following my curiosity is that I have learned so many things that I could never imagine would happen. With my passion for painting, I discovered that I also love designing my own website, painting/drawing portraits also digitally, illustration, blogging, how to work with my camera and make my own videos of my process. Who knows what will come next :-).

"In my journey I´ve learned that there are so many paths you can go through. It depends which one you chose how long it will take. At the end you know deep in your heart what you are longing for"

To this, there are very important issues to consider, that I didn't know before. These are the things I wish I knew before. They will help you to find what you are passionate about in a maybe shorter period of time:

  • Go within. Take this precious time you have to find the answers you need: Through journaling, for instance writing down the questions you wish you had an answer, because answering this questions will give you clarity for the steps you need to take. Also try meditation, walking, singing, painting, running. Whatever suits to you. The first thing that pops up in your mind write it down, because that may lead you to your own path.

  • Find your compass and be curious: Pay attention to the things that you would love to do, trying everything that brings you joy.

  • There is not "The Right or The Perfect Idea": I read this in this book *"Designing Your Life" by Dave Evans and Bill Burnett. The authors say, that in order to find what you want, you need to try a lot of options. This will give you more possibilities in the future. They have awesome tips to help you design the life you love. You can find Bill Burnett´s TEDxStandford Talk here.

  • Write down your ideas, goals and desires at the beginning of the year or every six months. In that way you can know if you still want to achieve the same goals.

  • Write down a special word or feeling that inspires you and try to make a tiny step towards this.

I hope you are inspired :-), you can share your thoughts with me below

A big hug!


*These are personal recommendations that I really love to share and it is not paid advertising.



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