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My Why: Art that reminds you of your essence, what fulfills you and inspires you

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Often, we are looking for a feeling that we cannot find on the outside. A feeling that fulfills us, of coming home. When I paint, it is exactly what I want to capture in my paintings, what reflects who I really am, what touches and inspires me. From my favorite mountain landscape to abstract art, with its colors that enchant me and meet where I am at the moment.

Most of the time, I would like to have a spring feeling at home. Maybe you´ve already read something about me. I was born in Santiago de Chile, in South America. I´ve always celebrated my birthday in spring, somehow every year I long for spring as soon as it’s my birthday.

I haven’t always had direct contact with nature, but I think that's why I mostly paint flower motifs, because when I get up in the morning, they give me the feeling of fulfillment, of coming home, lightness and beautiful weather :-). I often draw and also paint people because it is thrilling to me to express their essence. You can get an impression of my paintings on Instagram and in my gallery.

I recognized myself in my art. It helped me to find my way to myself, my identity.

Looking beyond the obvious, making the impossible, possible and listening more to my intuition. Suddenly it became clear to me: Who I am and what touches me about the world, I want to express more through paintings.

"Our time here is limited and there is so much more on this earth to see and experience".

“The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly—that is what each of us is here for". Oscar Wilde.

Freedom, lightness, touching, fulfilling. Art with a touch of magic ... define my style.

"I want to inspire you and delight you with the same magic that touched me. To help you to cultivate what gives you joy in your everyday life".

I make art for you ...

So that you feel comfortable in your living room or in your favorite place. Every time you get up and see your pictures on your wall, you realize that what you are doing suddenly feels lighter, because you are inspired. Your painting make you think about it or arouses memories in you.

I make art for you because you love nature. You want to feel the magic and its harmony around you more often.

I make art for you because it reminds you of your essence, skills and strengths. What drives you. Who you are.

Abstract figurativ painting

And ...something else

I want to inspire women like you too, to encourage you to live your passion. Especially when we don't know how to do it in our career path.

What is hidden in us can be our true strength.

My personal path and where I am at right now, I write it on my blog. You can find more inspiration here.

Art that reminds you of your essence, what fulfills you and inspires you "This is my contribution to the world".

Do you want a unique painting for you? Just send me a message (non-binding), and together will find the perfect artwork for you:)

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