• by Katherine Busse

What I learned in 2018 and what gave me Joy

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

It was an incredible magical year! from which I could experience many things: I went to a few events, that I didn't thought I would go. I met there amazing wholehearted people. I painted like a crazy :-), I did a barista course. I made some online courses to boost my creativity (I love to do that!) and finally I had a dream holiday for a few days with my husband and my son in a wonderful farm in Dachstein, Austria. I hope to come back there very soon.

I would say, I was really lucky and motivated to experience something new, to learn and to look beyond what my eyes can really see. There is so much out there to discover.

What did really matter to me last year?

It was to commit with my creativity, my true desires, my family, my health, and my relationships. A few paintings came to live, from which I´m very proud of. I shared my process on Instagram, and suddenly the wonderful idea of writing on this blog was born. Next, I found my "Why" for my Spanish lessons! to keep my students inspired, that they feel engaged, they feel joy and feel connected with their emotions by learning. I want to teach in a creative and unconventional way. It makes so much difference when you and your students are happy :-).

What did I learn? A new perspective

Last year, there were also some challenges, it was not always easy to maintain a positive attitude towards things. It was emotionally a bit difficult, also when I think about my professional goals, hoping that things go a little bit faster. Then I realized, again, life is a process. What is meant to be, will always come at the right time, and will find It´s way to you.

Once we direct our thoughts to the things that are working and made us happy, we can see things from a totally different and positive perspective. We can always chose to be grateful and joyful for what we have. The challenges are at the end not that big, they make us grow instead.

*Which books/podcasts did inspire me?

The Freedom Seeker, by Beth Kempton, which was about figuring out, in which ways I am living more and worrying less. It gave me the clarity in which ways, I can expand doing the things that give me joy and make me feel free. Fire Starter Sessions, one of my favorites books of 2018! by Danielle Laporte. An inspiring and soulful way to create success and find what really matters to you.

The Creativity Habit Podcast. This podcast blew my mind. I could suddenly see things clearly, It opened the door to a world full of authenticity, of deep and real conversations regarding the creative process of an artist. It was the magical path to discover my real story. Kelly Rae Roberts, with her book Taking Flight. It is so inspiring beautiful. It was the first time, that I came up with the idea of writing on a blog. Thank you Kelly!. The last but not least. Wie Frauen ihre Finanzen selbst in die Hand nehmen können, by Natasha Wegelin, if you want to take rid of your finances. Also very inspiring!

I would describe my last year as full of creativity, abundant, and challenging!

How would you describe your last year? What does inspire you for this 2019?



*This ist not an advertisement. Just my favorite books and podcasts, that I love to share.

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Organic Farm , Dachstein, Austria