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How I mastered digital portraits

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Hello! I hope you are doing well...

maybe you saw some of my attempts with digital drawing/painting in my last Instagram Stories I have published over the past few weeks. I must say it is not that easy at first. It can be very intimidating, but also very fun and flexible!

Digital painting gives you a very large number of possibilities, it gives you freedom to paint, it allows to fit your creativity - time into your schedule, even if you don´t have enough time or you have other responsibilities as a mom or dad. Here is important for me to emphasize, that to be creative you don´t need to spend hours and hours for feeling that way. Here I mentioned some books to inspire your creative journey.

Next, I want to share the steps of my own experience with you. I promise, if you commit to your feelings to be creative, you will want to draw or paint more and more, whatever you are longing for. How about starting with 20 minutes per day?

Your first steps with digital drawing and painting

  1. First start getting to know your iPad device. Feel comfortable with all the resources it offers to you to paint or draw. I am using Procreate. Another way, is that you can sign up for your favorite *online course and start practicing with the piece of art, that already interests you or you are passionate about, as I did.

  2. Don't put yourself under pressure wanting to know all the tools immediately. Step by Step is the key.

  3. When you start drawing, start with something that is easy to achieve. That will give you fast results and will keep you motivated for your next challenge.

  4. When you paint a portrait it is essential that you first start to draw. These skills are very important to get a sense of the face composition.

  5. As a reference, you can start first with your own self-portrait to get in the flow. Then choose another one that inspires you and practice, practice and practice. In that way you will get comfortable with your portrait.

  6. Finally, I learned that you need to be brave and don't need to concentrate anymore on the details of you sketch, rather on the general forms. That helped me a lot not to feel overwhelmed at the beginning. It really worked! It gave me more confidence with my work.

My first sketch

Digital portraits can be very scary at the beginning...

... but don't let that put you down, have in mind that everything is a process.

Work in progress

My finished painting

Inspired by Atikh Bana on Unsplash 

I would loooove it, if you leave a comment below. You just need to subscribe one time, and you can be part of my creative community :-)

Tell me more about the tools you have tried lately,

Much love,


*Skillshare/ The links I share are not cooperations, only recommendations and personal inspiration.



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