• by Katherine Busse

How painting with my son, became a new experience for me

Two days ago I wanted so deeply to paint on canvas with my son. I wrote down this intention on my first blog post. Honestly I did not have any plans, which made me feel a bit insecure in our process, whether he would feel motivated or not, or if the colors would help us for our little project. I had some ideas in mind of some articles that I read on the internet. But at end I just let myself go. I guided him, but not showing him the steps to follow, or letting himself be guided by a particular picture or drawing, we just began to paint with the fingers, to feel the color´s texture, making shapes, to warm up.  

Lightness and curiosity!

The interesting thing was to realize that my son took my paintings as a guide and wanted to paint like me. My first thought was, how can I remove that pressure? and let him express himself in his essence with lightness? I said to him..."follow your heart, look at your surroundings. Of all the things you can see, what you would like to draw in your painting?". Immediately, his eyes were shining with joy and the ideas and enthusiasm came to his mind as a ray of light!

We really had a lot of fun. I think the most important for us was just giving up the stereotypes, looking around you and letting the inspiration flow. By the way (I am not making any advertisement) for the colors I used in our paintings, but you can try this ones, if you want, see the picture below. Use the colors that fits with your interests and tell me how you did!

Wish you lots of fun with your paintings!



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