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My big canvas: A challenge between creativity and a new job (Video)

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Hello again :-)

I am so happy to have you here. It´s been a long time after my last post. It felt like an eternity, although I think the time was worthy, to share with you the new things I have experienced the last months. I was in a long and new process, in which I tested my own patience, my energy during the day, my creativity, my time management and my own motivation.

As you could see in my Instagram stories, I´ve been working in a new painting at the end of February. I began to paint on a large canvas. I mean bigger than I am used to. I called it “My New Project". Inspired by the winter, snow, pine trees and the landscapes of the beautiful *Sweden by Jonna Jinton.

What inspires me the most about her, is her authenticity, simplicity, spontaneity and her love for nature. It was breathtaking to see those wonderful landscapes and skies, the colors of the Northern Lights and the smoothness of winter. You should take a look at her work. It is so inspiring!

Making this painting was something very exciting and challenging. For the first time, I had sooo much space to paint, that I did not know where to start. I had such a deep feeling to create. I began painting something that could help me to break the ice and let this feeling go. It is the only way, for me, to overcome the barriers of fear and perfection.

It worked pretty well at the beginning, I must say.

Time after, I went on vacation with my family, and my painting started to take shape in the middle of March. There where many times I looked at my canvas thinking, if this new idea or project was not too big for me.

What am I suppose to do?

My mind was trying to figure it out, in many I was going to create a landscape, that fits in this new big space. I was overwhelmed. But, I didn´t let this get me down, because it put so much pressure in my process. I just decided to relax.

The new Job

Here comes the part with the new job. I decided this year to look for a a part-time job, to build up my financial knowledge and at the same time, to continue creating and doing the things that I love. Something that could give me the space I need, between: freedom, time for creativity, my family, and learning. This values are my compass (among others). They help me to make the right decisions. Those that are in alignment with my goals and dreams.

Does such a concept work? Here I tell how it is...

  1. I love the flexibility I have, when I come back from work, with the feeling that my day is not over yet.

  2. Time is short. I suddenly found myself in a process, in which I needed to develop more discipline, also a structure, that help me to move forward with my purpose, without leaving aside the tasks, that need to be done.

  3. I started a new routine, every day in the morning, to get clarified and balanced, inspired by the lovely Jessica from *Cabeflow, with her gathering of yoga practices, from different sources of inspiration Yoga am Morgen - 21 Tage gemeinsam. You can find some videos in German and English. They resonated a lot with me. Since then and until now, it is one of my daily routine. Just for the simple reason that changes the quality of my day in such a positive way. I share her thoughts, when she says ..."if we are in a good mood. It also affects our surroundings", thus we can bring good vibes into the world.

  4. It does not always go as planned. I mean sometimes have passed weeks, until I could dive into my creativity. I think, that was the crucial moment, when life tested my motivation. It was right then, when I decided to surrender the unexpected circumstances.

  5. It takes time to start all over again the next day. Sometimes I felt anxious, because when you find the muse, it is difficult to put everything down while you are working, and get out of the process to make the next thing on your To-Do List.

  6. What made me happy was to see my progress every day, even if I made baby steps. That makes the difference. There is a quote from Mel Robbins, that I saw recently on Instagram, and she says "there are 1.440 minutes in a day. You can set aside 30 in the morning for your dreams". It is so true.

  7. What did happen with my motivation? It grows every day. My heart keeps beating for my dreams.

Why am I telling you this?

I want to share this experience with you, because many of us face this issue, while having a job. Whether we continue doing what inspires us or not. Get clear about your values. Then your job, your hobbies and family, everything you want to achieve will fit together. There is a beautiful Podcast from my dear Theresa Kellner, in German. *"Make it simple". Wie du herausfindest was dir wirklich wichtig ist.. She explains very well, how you can find your values.

Patience and Surrender are my special ingredients for achieving any purpose. Surrender in German means..."sich hingeben". In Spanish..."entregarse"

By the way, I could also find the time to work on small video, step by step. Some times on the weekend. The truth is, after a few hours of work my computer froze twice, without saving any changes. That is what I mean with being patient :-). but here I am. I hope you enjoy it!

With much love and inspiration,


*unbezahlte Werbung/unpaid advertising. Personal recommendation



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