• by Katherine Busse

My creative process: Where does inspiration come from?

The typical Katty would say: In order to get inspiration, you need to meet the perfect conditions. A sunny day is necessary :-), as many nature as possible and no noise.

Ok. That would be the "ideal situation" for all of us, isn´t it?. But, what happens when it is not like that. In my case, when I am not feeling with the best conditions to paint, I take my canvas and my paint colors anyway. I hear my favorite music and start to let go. It was not always like that, but I realized, if I don´t make a decision, I will never start doing what I really want to do.

You can create your own inspiration ... how do you do it?

When I was looking for my own style, I learned that inspiration comes from your environment, where you live. If you don´t live in a place close to nature, there are many other things that can inspire you too. The nearest park of your neighborhood , also some images or pictures you love, or maybe something you have read. Here it is not about copying exactly what you see, but maybe the colors and things you have seen, have caught your attention. You can create a totally different perspective of how you see things. How I started my creative journey, you will find it here.

On the other hand with portraits, in my opinion is a little bit different, because you need to see the human face, for example, to be able to paint it exactly, as the person looks like, but you can still paint it or draw it, from your own perspective. That´s what makes your art unique.

Start painting shapes, abstract and your own style will develop

Last spring, I fall in love with peonies. I saw these roses everywhere. I also saw them as a symbol of inspiration for the simple reason, that they bring joy and illuminate my day every time I look at them. Automatically, I can transmit that energy in all kinds of things that I do. So, I began to learn to draw them.

I had never painted flowers in my life. YouTube is the best teacher for that! ;-). However it was not as easy as I imagined, painting flowers can also be a long process. After some attempts, I was still not happy with my flowers, but my desire to paint them on my canvas was so big, that I did not care. Petal by petal and line by line I began to draw a normal rose. Then I started learning to paint other flowers that could make a beautiful floral together. I personally think, it is totally ok, to learn by looking at a photo or video at the beginning, because you are learning.

Here is my tip: While you are painting, let it go, the worst thing that can happen, is that you have to paint everything again. The best thing that can happen…is that it became, something much more beautiful than you thought! Because, you no longer have those rules in your head of how your of art should look like.

Follow your heart!

Here are my peonies....:-)

I would love to know, how is your own creative process...