• by Katherine Busse

Following my dreams: My first blog post

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Painting and the project of this blog have become one of my biggest dreams. I am not very sure how to start writing . I must confess that I am a little nervous, since it is also my first post :-). Maybe, I can first tell you that today, that I had an mazing start!

My son's "Kindergarten" has closed a few days ago and my goal of these days was to make my son´s vacations the most beautiful and creative without going really "on vacation". I thought, how can I give him joy the next two weeks? and at the same time to make activities that help me to be creative and be a good mom?

I had the idea of ​​going running to the park with him and his bicycle. I said to myself, what if I ask him to go running with me? :-)... I thought it could be a great Idea, so today I proposed it!

The end result. It was a sensational morning!. He was fascinated by the paths we took to run, and for me was also an unforgettable experience to see him happy. By the way, I haven´t make sport since two weeks. I couldn´t be more thankful for this time we had together.

Isn´t great when you can make your day with your son special and can do some sport at the same time?

For me was not possible to make sport until this day. I just figured out other possibilities. Sometimes I fall into the routine of thinking, that I can not do many things because it is not possible, there is already a plan or there are already tasks to be done first. Sometimes making the right questions as for instance ...What if we.... or I do this....? lead us to better choices.

For the next days I have a few ideas in mind, one of them is painting with my son together. My idea is to let his creativity flow inwardly, intuitively. I'm curious which new paths we will discover next.

Stay attuned :-)