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So much inspiration, but where did my creativity go?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

I was counting the days waiting for my sister, until she finally arrived in Germany, to spend her vacations with us. We both visited first Prague. It was awesome to be there. We went shopping, visited nice places, we laughed a lot. We were so thankful for being there, also for being able to spend this precious time together, which we will never forget.

Prague, Austria and Sun...

Prague, is such a beautiful city, the people are also very nice!. If you come to Europe,

I recommend, that you plan some days in Prague. Maybe four days at least.

I am looking forward to visit it again, because I had this feeling, you know? that there is still something I need to see.

What I will do for sure, is to come back to Café Louvre. A very inspiring place, with a historical arquitecture and atmosphere, that you can see and perceive, once entering there, as if you had gone back in time.

Amazing place! favorite place to go every year. There is so much inspiration and beautiful nature. We feel in our element every time we go there.

Where did my creativity go?

Flashes of images were coming into my mind

During our vacations, I got pictures and many ideas of what I would like to create. Flashes of images, lot of colors, were coming into my mind. This pictures showed me all the possible ways to paint new portraits and landscapes. In that moment, I just wanted to stop the time, to capture everything, before they flew away.

At home, as I stood in front of my canvas, surprisingly my inspiration and creativity were gone. I felt alone. What was going on with me? I did not know where to start. That made me sad. Thus, I was in a rush to get everything done. I felt frustrated, because I could not schedule the time as I wanted, to let my creativity fit into my daily routine.

Breathing and Writing


I wanted my creativity to come back. I realized, If I don´t move and get organized, it was not really going to get better... so the first thing I did was to breath... then intuitively, I knew that I needed to write my thoughts down quickly!. When I found the time to do it, I started to make a review of the past weeks and months, trying to make a picture of what I have done, accomplished or not accomplished. It is like reorganizing my thoughts, in a way, that later, there is a room for new ideas and inspiration. A few months ago, in May, I was inspired by *Theresa Kellner, with one of her Coaching-Tools, "Make it simple Planner", which I downloaded from her newsletter and I incorporated in my journal. Since then, I use it always at the end of the month, it simplifies everything. Her journaling prompts, keep my focus on the things that really matters. It gives me atomatically new energy and clarity for the next month. It really makes the difference.

Doing my journaling, was very relieving. I wanted to paint, and paint... organize things, that you know you need to do, but you prefer to be creative instead. And, I wanted to do it fast. So I decided to organize the other stuff first. Just then, there was room also for painting ;-).

I started to paint

Yes! I stared to paint. How many times I need to remind myself, that I have to let go, if I want that something beautiful happens. As you can see in the pictures above, my painting is still developing.

I don´t have idea of how it will finish. I stopped making pressure to myself with the time I have, and my creativity, came back to visit me. I still can´t paint so often as I wish, but I do my best. Even if it is once a week or once in a month.

Let your creativity flow without pressure, and be kind to yourself

Much love,


*This is personal inspiration, that I love to share



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